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Emergency Guide Active Shooter

An active shooter emergency involves one or more persons with a firearm engaged in a random or systematic shooting spree.

During an Active Shooter Emergency

  • Call 911 at the first safe opportunity

If indoors and not within the immediate vicinity of a shooter, shelter-in-place:

  • Remain there & do not leave the safety of your shelter
  • Lock all exterior doors and windows
  • Go to a shelter room (preferably without exterior doors or windows) &  lock or barricade all interior doors leading to the shelter room
  • If accessible, monitor the KSU Website at and local broadcast media for emergency information and instructions
  • Do not leave the safety of the shelter room until notified by authorities

If within the immediate vicinity of the shooter:

  • Stay calm and avoid panic
  • Get out or away at the earliest opportunity, if possible
  • Leave your belongings behind
  • Avoid being seen or heard by the shooter
  • Hide, preferably behind a safe barrier in a place with an alternative escape route
  • If in a room, lock and/or barricade the door
  • Be still and silent
  • Trust your instincts

Information for the Police

  • The shooter's location
  • Your location
  • Number of shooters
  • Shooter description(s) (gender, race, height, weight, hair, clothing)
  • Type and number of weapons (handgun, rifle, automatic)
  • Number of casualties and severity of injuries

The Police Response, What to Expect

Police will enter buildings and search interior rooms with guns drawn. They do not know who the shooter is and will probably point their weapons at innocent persons. Remain calm and follow their instructions.

The first priority of the police is to protect human life by finding and stopping the shooter as soon as possible. The police will not immediately attend to the injured or otherwise assist persons. When the shooter is stopped, medical and other assistance will come quickly and persons will be helped from the scene.