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Tyre J. Proffer


  • Ph.D., Michigan State University 1985
  • M.S.,   Michigan State University 1983
  • B.S.,   Michigan State University 1981 
Courses Taught

  • Horticultural Botany
  • Plant Identification I & II
  • Ecological Principles of Pest Mamagement
  • Biological Foundations
  • Biological Diversity
  • Basic Microbiology
  • General Microbiology
  • Human Genetics
  • Elements of Genetics
  • Plant Communities of Ohio
  • Mycology
  • Human Biology
Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

My research is in the area of plant pathology, specifically fungal diseases of fruit trees (apple and cherry primarily).  I have published papers on a variety of diseases: foliar (apple scab, cherry leaf spot), cankers (Leucostoma canker), and root rots (Armillaria root rot).  My current research focuses on fungicide resistance (population genetics, mechanisms, and management). 

Selected Publications

Lesniak, K.E., Proffer, T.J., Beckerman, J.L., and G.W. Sundin.  2010. Evaluation of QoI resistance  and detection of the G143A mutation in Michigan populations of Venturia inaequalis.   Plant Disease 95: 927-934

Ma, Z., Proffer, T.J., Jacobs, J., Sundin, G.W.  2006.  Overexpression of the 14α-Demethylase   Target Gene (CYP51) Mediates Fungicide Resistance in Blumeriella jaapii.  Applied and  Environmental Microbiology 72(4): 2581–2585

McManus, P.S., T.J.Proffer, R. Berardi, B.R. Gruber, J.E. Nugent, G.R. Ehret, Z. Ma, and G.W. Sundin.  2007.  Integration of Copper-Based and Reduced-Risk Fungicides for Control of Blumeriella jaapii on Sour Cherry. Plant Disease Vol 91: 294-300

Proffer, T.J., Lizotte, E., Rothwell, N.L. and Sundin, G.W. (2013).  Evaluation of dodine, fluopyram and penthiopyrad for the management of leaf spot and powdery mildew of tart cherry, and fungicide sensitivity screening of Michigan populations of Blumeriella jaapii.  Pest Manag. Sci. 69: 747-754 doi:10.1002/ps.3434

Proffer, T.J., Berardi, R., Ma, Z., Nugent, J., Ehret, G.R., McManus, P.S., Jones, A.L., and Sundin, G.W.  2006.  Occurrence, Distribution, and PCR-based Detection of Resistance to Sterol Demethylation Inhibitor Fungicides in Populations of Blumeriella jaapii in Michigan.  Phytopathology Volume 96, Number 7: 709-717

Research Areas
  • Plant Pathology
  • Mycology
Tyre J. Proffer
Department of Biological Sciences
Phone: 330-337-4281
Fax: 330-332-9256
Summer 2015
  • BSCI 20021 - 010 Basic Microbiology
  • BSCI 40195 - 011 St : Introductory Mycology
  • BSCI 50195 - 011 St : Introductory Mycology
Fall 2015
  • BSCI 10120 - 500 Biological Foundations
  • BSCI 16001 - 500 Horticultural Botany
  • BSCI 26004 - 500 Plant Id And Selection Ii